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Car Tech - By Category

Car Audio Systems, Head Units, Speakers & More
Learn all about head units, speakers, and how to install a great car audio system. You want the best audio you can possibly squeeze out of your car. We get that.

Multimedia Entertainment Systems
Learn about all of the multimedia options that are available for your car. From DVDs and Blu-rays to HDD-based video players, car entertainment systems aren't limited to stereos and CDs any longer.

Car Navigation Systems
Car GPS systems are more accurate and reliable than they've ever been before, but there are also more OEM and aftermarket options available than you could possibly try out yourself.

Car Safety Features & Technology
Modern vehicles are full of innovative safety features. Anti-lock brakes, traction control systems and electronic stability control all work together to keep your vehicle on the road, and a host of other features help make cars and trucks safer to drive than ever before.

Car Alarms, Tracking Systems & Other Security Devices
Your car represents a serious investment of time and money, not to mention all the gear you've installed in it. Find out everything there is to know about securing your car with alarms, tracking devices, and more.

Onboard Computer Mods and Installations
A lot of new cars come with built-in computer systems that handle everything from navigation to multimedia entertainment. Do-it-yourselfers have hacked together some pretty incredible stuff too, though, and so can you.

OEM & Custom User Interfaces
Cars are more complex now than ever before, and the various safety and entertainment features are often grouped together in a single user interface. Some user interfaces are easier to use than others, and you can even install your own custom UI in your modded car.

Connected Cars: from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi
Cars are capable of connection to everything from your cellphone to the Internet. Learn all about how you can take advantage of this connectivity, or how to turn your vehicle into a connected car.

DIY Car Stereo, Multimedia & Security System Installations
Buying a lot of new tech gear for your car can get pretty expensive, but you can save a few dollars here and there by installing it yourself. These DIY projects can be a lot of fun, but it's important to have the necessary information and tools at your disposal.

Car Tech Buying Advice
With all the new car tech on the market, keeping track of all the details can be a full time job.

Legacy Car Tech: 8 Tracks & Vintage Hi-Fi
Take a trip back in time with us to examine some important watershed moments in the world of car tech.

Car Power Needs
From your cell phone to your GPS unit to a microwave oven or portable can cooler, there's an endless cavalcade of electronic gadgets and devices that you can use in your car, and they all need to get power from somewhere.

Car Tech Terms
Automotive technology doesn't have an overly complicated lexicon, but there are a number of terms that you should know if you're new to the subject.


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