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Multimedia Entertainment Systems

Learn about all of the multimedia options that are available for your car. From DVDs and Blu-rays to HDD-based video players, car entertainment systems aren't limited to stereos and CDs any longer.

Car Multimedia Basics
In-car multimedia systems combine both video and audio elements to create new mobile entertainment experiences.

In-Vehicle Media Servers
From infotainment systems and mechless head units to custom DIY hacks, in-car media servers let you bring all your content along whenever you hit the road.

Headrest DVD Player
A headrest DVD player can be very easy to install and use, but there are a lot of variables to consider.

In-Car DVD Options
Check out how all of the best in-car DVD options stack up.

Mobile TV
From satellite to Slingbox, there are so many ways to watch TV in your car.

Mobile Video: In-Car Video Systems
Every in-car video system needs a video source, screen, and an audio component. These can all be bundled into one device, or you can piece together a system that's perfect for your situation.

Direct iPod Control
Video head units equipped with direct iPod control can access all of your videos on the fly. So how does it work?

Examining the MyFord Touch Interface
A pictorial overview of the MyFord Touch interface.

Top Car Stereo Audio Video Receivers
Here's a list of high quality audio/video head units.

Top Portable DVD Players
If a fancy multimedia entertainment system isn't in your budget, you might want to consider a portable DVD player. A lot of these units can run on either 12v or batteries, so it's easy for them to stand in for a more expensive built-in system.

HANNSmobi 7-inch Portable Television with DVD Player
Some small combo TV/DVD players, such as the HANNSmobi 7-inch, can be mounted to one of the headrests in your car. If your vehicle doesn't have a built-in multimedia entertainment system, this is often an inexpensive way to keep the kids entertained on long trips.

What is a Car Power Inverter?
On long road trips, car power inverters can be indispensable. With a car inverter, you can power a range of appliances and devices.

Overview of Media Servers
If your vehicle didn't come with an OEM multimedia system, here's an overview of how to go about putting together a sever for your music and video files.

Philips PD7012 Headrest DVD Review
The Philips PD7012 is a great value for two 7" TFT LCD screens and a portable DVD player, but it lacks a few key features.

Pyle PL71PHB Headrest LCD Review
The Pyle PL71HB headrest LCD screens are solid little monitors that have all of the features you're probably looking for, unless you want a built-in DVD player.

Car Tech Upgrades
Whatever you're looking at upgrading in your car, it all starts here.

Identifying the Right Tablet Car Mount
Finding the right tablet car mount can be a sticky situation due to the huge variety of tablets out there.

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