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Car Navigation Systems

Car GPS systems are more accurate and reliable than they've ever been before, but there are also more OEM and aftermarket options available than you could possibly try out yourself.

OEM GPS Systems: About Infotainment
All of the major car manufacturers have their own GPS navigation systems, and OEM vehicle navigation has a history that stretches back more than two decades.

Examining the MyFord Touch Interface
A pictorial overview of the MyFord Touch interface.

Examining GM's Intellilink System
An overview of the GM Intellilink navigation/infotainment system.

Examining the BMW iDrive Interface
An overview of BMW's iDrive system.

Toyota Navigation Infotainment System
In addition to GPS navigation, early Toyota infotainment systems also provided access to audio controls and other functionality.

GM's OnStar Service: How Does It Work?
What is OnStar, and how does it work?

Cell Phone GPS Navigation
GPS navigation devices have come down in price over the years, but do you really need one if you already carry a GPS-enabled cell phone everywhere you go?

How to Choose Car GPS
There are a ton of different car GPS options out there, so here's how to find the best solution for your unique needs.

GPS navigation hasn't been around that long, but it has undergone a whole lot of changes in that time.

How Do I Get GPS Navigation?
GPS navigation is available in a lot of new cars and trucks, but there are three ways you can add it to any vehicle.

Do I Really Need GPS Navigation?
Do you really need GPS navigation in your car, or is it an unnecessary creature comfort?

Built-in and Portable GPS navigation systems each exhibit unique strengths and drawbacks.

Navigation Traffic Data
Historic congestion information and live traffic data can shave a ton of time off your daily commute.

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