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Kia's Microsoft-Powered UVO Infotainment System


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UVO's Radio and Jukebox
UVO's radio and music functionality

UVO includes an HD radio tuner, satellite radio tuner, and it can also play digital music files.

Photo courtesy of Kia Motors America

The primary focus of the KIA UVO system is entertainment. It includes HD AM and FM tuners, but it also has built-in Sirius satellite radio functionality. All three have corresponding physical buttons, so it's simple to switch between them.

UVO also includes a music jukebox feature and a built-in hard drive. The 2012 version of UVO includes 700 megabytes of storage, and there is no way to increase the capacity. Music can be moved on and off the hard drive by means of a USB stick, and it's also possible to copy music from CDs.

However, the system isn't capable of burning and encoding songs from commercial discs. You'll have to do that on your computer and then burn the MP3 files to a CD. After you've done that, you can transfer the songs directly to the UVO hard drive.

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